Diego Cabrera, MD


GHES LMIC Fellow 2019-2020

FELLOWSHIP SITE: Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Peru

Project Title: Prevalence of and Risk factors for vertebral fractures and Low bone mass density among Peruvian women with HIV

Osteoporosis-related fractures lead to significant morbidity, mortality and economic burden world-wide, particularly among women. In many low-and middle-income countries (LMICs), such as Peru, the epidemiology of osteoporosis remains poorly characterized, and patients may be at increased risk due to poor nutrition and demographic changes from industrialization, combined with limited resources for osteoporosis management. In Peru, it is estimated over 350,000 hip fractures occurred in 2012, however few studies have evaluated fracture risk among special populations such as women with HIV. While antiretroviral therapy (ART) has dramatically increased the life expectancy of HIV-positive patients, studies have shown that long-term infection and ART leads to earlier development of chronic comorbidities, including osteoporosis. Research focused on the bone health of women with HIV has primarily been carried out in upper-income countries and to a lesser extent, in Africa. By contrast, no studies have examined fracture rates among women with HIV in Latin America.

The aim of this study is to enroll a cohort of women with HIV and age-matched healthy women from Lima, Peru and compare the prevalence of vertebral fracture, low bone mineral density and explore risk factors associated between the two groups. We expect to collect preliminary data that could guide future research in the country and improvements in the care of Peruvian HIV positive women.