John Openshaw, MD

GHES US Fellow 2012-2013

Current position: Instructor, Medicine - Infectious Diseases, Stanford University

Fellowship Site: International Center for Diarrheal Diseases Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR, B)

Research Interest: Identification of emerging novel zoonotic infectious agents 

Dr. Openshaw is currently working as an instructor of medicine and infectious diseases at Stanford University. He was a fellow in Infectious Diseases at Stanford University. He is interests were focussed in the ecology of infectious diseases and in understanding the factors underlying the evolution and emergence of zoonotic diseases. He was also interested in the use of technology and media to improve healthcare.

These are selected publications associated with the fellowship:

Bat Hunting and Bat-Human Interactions in Bangladeshi Villages: Implications for Zoonotic Disease Transmission and Bat Conservation.

Increased Morbidity and Mortality in Domestic Animals Eating Dropped and Bitten Fruit in Bangladeshi Villages: Implications for Zoonotic Disease Transmission.