Igor Paploski, DVM, MSc

IgorGHES LMIC Fellow 2013-2014

Fellowship site: Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), Salvador, Brazil
US institution: Yale University

Research interest: Subclinical and clinical dengue incidence in an urban slum

Igor Paploski earned his DVM from Federal University of Paraná, in southern Brazil; he worked with zoonosis prevention, especially with the prevention of rabies transmitted by bats in human populations. He started his MSc in Epidemiology at FIOCRUZ in early 2011, where he studied the risk for clinical progression of leptospirosis in an urban slum. He earned his MSc degree in early 2013 and is now a PhD candidate in Public Health at Federal University of Bahia. Igor studies dengue and is interested in studying the epidemiology of diseases that disproportionally affect neglected populations.

Igor will spend his fellowship year at Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ) in Salvador, under the mentorship of Guilherme de Sousa Ribeiro, MD, MSc, PhD. His research will focus on determining the prevalence of people previously infected with dengue, determine the incidence of asymptomatic and clinical dengue infection, and to prospectively identify individual and environmental risk factors for dengue infection in epidemic and inter-epidemic periods, based on the follow-up of a cohort and a surveillance for acute febrile illness in a community health care center.

These are selected publications associated with the fellowship:

Influenza-like illness in an urban community of Salvador, Brazil: incidence, seasonality and risk factors.

Accuracy of Dengue Reporting by National Surveillance System, Brazil.

Spatial Distribution of Dengue in a Brazilian Urban Slum Setting: Role of Socioeconomic Gradient in Disease Risk.