Yana Emmy Hoy-Schulz, PhD

41_512369949354_5962_n 2GHES US Fellow 2013-2014

Fellowship site: icddr,b, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mentoring US institution: Stanford University

Research interest: Safety and Efficacy of Probiotics in Bangladeshi Infants

Yana Emmy earned her BS from Yale University where she studied utilizing commensal microbes to prevent disease and researched Chagas disease in Guatemala. She then earned her PhD from Stanford University and received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Her thesis work examined the effect of Salmonella infection on microbiota and health. She is currently an infectious diseases / epidemiology postdoc and pursuing a Master’s degree in epidemiology. Yana Emmy has had a long-standing interest in global health, epidemiology, and microbiology. Her long-term career goal is to study the global prevention of diarrheal disease and malnutrition in infants and children.

Yana Emmy will spend her fellowship year at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b) in Dhaka, under the mentorship of Julie Parsonnet, MD. Her research will focus on testing two probiotic strains in infants in Bangladesh to confirm safety and determine the microbiological, immunological, and clinical effects. Her long term goal is to determine the possibility of probiotics as an inexpensive, sustainable intervention to prevent malnutrition and stunting.