2014 – 2015 Fellows

The this year GHES cohort included 12 trainees:  5 junior faculty fellows, 4  US postdoctoral fellows, 1 US pre-doctoral scholar, and 2 LMIC fellows.


Jason Andrews, MD, MPH, U.S. Junior Faculty

Jorge Alave, MD, LMIC Postdoctoral Fellow

Gabriel Culbert, PhD, RN, U.S. Postdoctoral Fellow

Lily Horng, MD, U.S. Postdoctoral Fellow

Adam Laytin, MD, MPH, U.S. Postdoctoral Fellow

Janet Lindow , PhD,  U.S. Junior Faculty

Komarla Lokesh, MBBS, DNB, U.S. Postdoctoral Fellow

Sandra McCoy, MPH, PhD, US Junior Faculty

Shirali Pandya, MPH, PhD, US Postdoctoral Fellow

Duncan Reid, MD, MS, US Postdoctoral Fellow

Dionne Stephens, PhD, US Junior Faculty

Alon Unger, MD, MS, US Junior Faculty