Jennifer Mootz, PhD, MA

GHES U.S. Fellow 2015-2016

Fellowship Site: Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
U.S. Institution: Yale University

Project Title: Prevalence, Predictors, and Mental Health Outcomes of Gender-Based Violence in Conflict-Affected Communities in Northeastern Uganda.

The rationale for the proposed study is to compensate for the gaps in literature and to contribute to the knowledge base regarding the integration of two contemporary human rights issues, gender-based violence in the context of communities that have experienced armed conflict, by collecting data in an under-served, low-income, and recently conflict-affected setting in Northeastern Uganda. The scientific aims proposed in this study are as follows: 1. Establish prevalence of the various forms (physical, sexual, verbal, and economic) of gender-based violence in the Teso Subregion of Northeastern Uganda, 2. Test a complex, community-based model of gender-based violence in a low-resource, recently conflict-affected setting, 3. Determine correlations between experiencing gender-based violence and mental health outcomes, and 4. Explore gender-based violence survivors’ conceptualizations of their mental health experiences.

Jennifer and her onsite mentor Dr. Florence Kyoheirwe Muhanguzi outside the Department of Women and Gender Studies.