2016 – 2017 Fellows

The fifth year GHES cohort included 15 trainees: 6 U.S. postdoctoral fellows, 1 U.S. pre-doctoral scholar, 6 LMIC fellows, and one Fulbright/Fogarty predoctoral fellow.

The NIH Fogarty International Center took a large group photo of its fellows outside the National Library of Medicine.

Lyuba Azbel, MS, Pre-doctoral Scholar

Adeolu Aromoloran, Fulbright Pre-doctoral Fellow

Negalign Bayou, MSC, PhD(c), LMIC Postdoctoral Fellow

Christina Bradshaw, MD, U.S. Postdoctoral Fellow

Patrick Cudahy, MD, U.S. Postdoctoral Fellow

Manish Desai, MS, PhD, U.S. Postdoctoral Fellow

Guillermo Douglass-Jaimes, MA, PhD, U.S. Postdoctoral Fellow

Megan Fitzpatrick, MD, U.S. Postdoctoral Fellow

Ellise Gambahaya, MBChB, MMed, LMIC Postdoctoral Fellow

Winceslaus Katagira, MbChB, MMed, LMIC Postdoctoral Fellow

Samuel Kizito, MBChB, MS, LMIC Postdoctoral Fellow

Caitlyn, Leonardson-Placek, MA, PhD, U.S. Postdoctoral Fellow

Kathryn Lynn Lovero, PhD, US Postdoctoral Fellow

Justen Manasa, MPhil, PhD, LMIC Postdoctoral Fellow

Anand Siddaiah, MS, MPhil, PhD, LMIC Postdoctoral Fellow