Samuel Kizito MBChB, MS

kizitosamuelGHES LMIC Fellow 2016-2017

Home Institution: University of Makerere, Uganda
U.S. Institution: Yale University

Project Title: Home-based active source-case finding and contact investigation for index pediatric TB patients in Kampala Uganda

Young children have higher risk of getting TB usually from an adult infectious case in the household. TB in young children is associated with high morbidity and mortality. Therefore a child presenting with TB points to deficiencies in TB control programs. We will conduct a study to identify the source case for tuberculosis among young (below 5 years) index TB patients, determine the prevalence of TB among household contacts to a young index TB patients and also assess the factors associated with successfully identifying the source case to a young index TB patient in Kampala.

Contact investigation for index TB children are often ignored as these are considered less infectious. However, a child presenting with TB indicates an infectious adult in the community. Assessing household contacts identifies those at high risk and those with TB early. Information regarding contribution of contact investigation to early TB detection and control in Uganda is scarce.This is the first study in Uganda to conduct source-case finding and contact investigation for index pediatric TB patients.


1. To determine how often a source-case is identified during household contact investigation of pediatric TB index patients

2. To determine prevalence of TB among household contacts to the pediatric TB index case.

3. To identify what factors at the index and household contact level are associated with successful identifying a source case for a pediatric TB patient.

This will be a cross-sectional study in seven government-run clinics in Kampala, Uganda: Kisugu, Kisenyi, Kiswa, Kawaala, Kitebi, Komamboga, and Naguru. The study is nested within ‘Mobile Health for Implementation of Home-Based TB Contact Investigation in Uganda”, an R01NIH-funded randomized clinical trial (PI Lucian Davis, Yale University).