Cali, Colombia

Site Institution
Centro Internacional de Entrenamiento e Investigaciones Medicas (CIDEIM)

U.S. Institution
Yale School of Public Health

U.S. Based Mentor

Diane McMahon-Pratt
Diane McMahon-Pratt, PhD
Professor of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases)





Mayur M. Desai, MPH, PhD
Associate Professor of Epidemiology




Local Mentor

gore saravia


Nancy G. Saravia, PhD
Scientific Director



Alexandra Cossio, RN, MS.c, PG Cert 
Coordinator, Clinical Unit, CIDEIM

Neal Douglas Edward Alexander,  PhD
Leader of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit (CIDEIM)
Reader in Medical Statistics and Epidemiology (LSHTM)

Maria Adelaida Gomez, PhD
Coordinator, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Unit, CIDEIM

Clara Beatriz Ocampo, MS.c, Ph.D
Coordinator of the Vector Biology and Control Research United-CIDEIM

Luisa Consuelo Rubiano Perea, MS.c, MD

Nancy Caroline Gore Saravia, MS.c, Ph.D
Scientific Director of CIDEIM
Director of WHO Collaborating Center in Leishmaniasis

Research focus
Vector-borne and emerging infections(Leishmaniasis Malaria, Dengue), MDR/XDR TB, congenital and secondary syphilis, hospital associated infections and drug resistance

Site and Background

CIDEIM ( is a non-profit, public-private non-profit association dedicated to biomedical research in infectious diseases, the development of research capacity and technical and scientific services. In response to current health priorities, research in CIDEIM includes multidisciplinary investigation of leishmaniosis and emerging problems such as syphilis, dengue and other arbovirus transmitted by Aedes aegypti and drug resistant malaria, MDR and XDR tuberculosis, ecology and control of vectors of leishmaniosis, malaria and dengue.

The training program will be supported on-site in Cali, Colombia by CIDEIM. Training sites include CIDEIM headquarters in Cali and our clinical research facility in Tumaco on the Pacific coast. In addition, training activities are conducted in collaboration with the Universidad del Valle Faculty of Health and Hospital, and the Fundacion Valle de Lili Clinic in Cali.

CIDEIM investigators and faculty of the Yale School of Public have jointly conducted US/NIH supported research and training since 2003 including an ICIDR Program, Gorgas Fellowship, an ongoing R01 Project and Fogarty NIH-sponsored Global Infectious Disease Training Program (Project No. 2D43TW006589).

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