Gondar, Ethiopia

Site Institution
Institute of Public Health, University of Gondar

U.S. Institution
Yale University, School of Public Health

U.S. Based Mentor

Leslie Curry, PhD, MPH
Senior Research Scientist and Lecturer in Public Health Associate Director, Patient Centered Outcomes Research Training Program Yale-CORE



Local Mentor

Gashaw Andargie Biks, MPH, PhD
Associate Professor of Child Health and Public Health
Director, Institute of Public Health
Institute of Public Health, University of Gondar



Research Focus: Health systems research and implementation, hospital-based and primary care.

The Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) at Yale has had a decade years of collaboration with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health, Regional Health Bureaus, and leading Universities, including the University of Gondar.  They have worked with both faculty and policy makers to evaluate and reform healthcare delivery at in both government hospital and rural primary health care settings.  In both cases, the partnerships have leveraged academic guidance to ensure scientifically rigorous and locally relevant research, while at the same time developing capacity for management and evaluation within Ethiopian practitioners, clinicians, and scholars. Through the Ethiopian Hospital Management Initiative (EHMI), GHLI collaborated with the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the FMOH to strengthen hospital management across the country. During the past 10 years, EHMI management mentors have worked within public hospitals to develop tools and processes for improved patient care. Through EHMI, Yale collaborated with four Ethiopian universities (including the University of Gondar) to design and launch Master’s of Hospital and Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree programs. Since the MHA launch in 2008, more than 120 professionals have been trained, resulting in significant hospital improvements, including reduced delays in outpatient care, decreased rates of post-surgical infection, and increased adherence to infection prevention standards. GHLI also supports the Ethiopian Hospital Alliance for Quality (EHAQ), the continent’s first national quality improvement collaboration to allow hospitals to share best practices. GHLI continues to assist the FMOH in a variety of hospital quality improvement efforts, including tools to foster guideline adherence in labor and delivery, implementation of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist, and efforts to improve hospital governing board performance. Most recently, GHLI launched the Primary Health Care Transformation Initiative (PTI), a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded program designed to create and integrate systems that enhances the quality and equity of primary care throughout the country.  Over a three-year term (2016-2018), PTI will work in 36 districts (woredas) to strengthen problem solving capacity of primary health care facilities and advance Ethiopia’s goal to achieve health outcomes comparable to those of a middle-income country by 2030.
The GHES fellows who have trained at the Ethiopia site are Adam Laytin, MD, MPH (GHES US Fellow 2014-2015); Gordon Shen, SM, PhD (GHES US Fellow 2015-2016); and Negalign Bayou, MSc PhD(c) (GHES LMIC Fellow 2016-2017).The partnerships described above have also served as a training platform for numerous scholars and fellows in health management and implementation science, including 26 US trainees in the management sciences who served as Yale/Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) fellows at hospitals through Ethiopia.

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