Apia, Samoa

Site Institutions
Samoa Ministry of Health

US Institution
Yale University School of Public Health

U.S. Mentor

Nicola Hawley, PhD
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Yale School of Public Health




Local Mentors

Satupaitea Viali, MD MPH
Specialist Physician & Cardiologist Samoa Ministry of Health



Research focus
Epigenetics, non-communicable chronic diseases

Site and Background
This site will provide training opportunities in non-communicable chronic diseases and perinatal epidemiology. The training site will be based at the newly established Yale University/Samoa Ministry of Health Collaborative Research Center, under the coordination of Dr. Satupaitea Viali of the National University of Samoa and Program Dr. Nicola Hawley. Viali and Hawley have been colleagues since 2009, establishing their collaboration on a study of the genetic origins of adult non-communicable diseases. Since that initial work, they have extended their research program to include issues of non-communicable and infectious disease in childhood and the exploration of how obesity, diabetes, and hypertension impact maternal pregnancy health and later offspring health outcomes.Working with other collaborating partners from both Samoa and the US, the group was recently awarded an NIH R01 to examine in further detail the association of a unique genetic mutation identified by the investigators with adult body mass index. 

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