Mudasiru (1).png

Omobola Mudasiru, MS, DrPh

GHES U.S. Fellow 2017-2018

Fellowship Site: Shinyanga Regional Hospital, Shinyanga, Tanzania
US Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Project Title: A pilot qualitative assessment of health literacy and its’ influence on medication adherence among HIV/AIDS patients in Northern Tanzania.

To better understand medication adherence among HIV patients in the context of health literacy, we will use a survey, in depth interviews, and focus groups to gather quantitative and qualitative information from PLWHA in Northern Tanzania. Specifically, the focus group sessions will be conducted to inform participants on the connection between improved health literacy and medication adherence, as well as, review and improve the existing group adherence counseling settings. 1) Assess the prevalence of general health literacy among patients at the Shinyanga Regional Hospital and Kahama hospital in Northern Tanzania. 2) Using structured indepth interviews with a moderated guide, assess perception of patient health literacy and factors that contribute to medication nonadherence among healthcare providers. 3) To qualitatively assess the effect of health literacy and subsequent effect on medication adherence among PLWHA. and 4) Influence policy decision making on improving health literacy and subsequent medication adherence among PLWHA.