GHES Picks

Maxim's picks:
Dan Ariely's Arming The Donkeys: weekly podcasts on decision sciences and behavioral economics
Psychology by Yale School of Medicine:
Yale Business & Management:
Center for Health Intervention and Prevention lunch series at UConn:

BEI Resources: BEI Resources provide research materials at no cost to registered researchers in infectious diseases:

The Point of Care Diagnostics Idea Lab fosters an interdisciplinary community that is passionate about inventing novel solutions to the challenges of remote diagnostics:

Faculty of 1000: Faculty members recommends the most important articles, rating them and providing short explanations for their selections. Please visit
F1000Posters is a unique open access repository for posters and slide presentations across biology and medicine:

EXPOSED: The Race Against Tuberculosis: A four-part series of short films on the deadly global TB epidemic and the race to develop new tools to prevent it.

TWiV 219: Fauci pharmacy: Vincent and Rich meet up with Anthony S. Fauci, MD, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (February 10, 2013).