Subash Sonkar, PhD

GHES LMIC Fellow 2018-2019

FELLOWSHIP SITE: Public Health Research Institute, Mysore, India

Project Title: To examine the role of high-risk HPV infection in preterm deliveries in rural South India

Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI) is leading cause of preterm birth and has been characterized pathogens present in the flora with association of negative pregnancy outcome. Preterm birth is a major cause of perinatal mortality. It also increases the risk of morbidity and subsequent disability. The risk of disability increases by the degree of prematurity.  Recently, a group of McDonnold and co-investigators reported “the relationship between HPV infection and obstetrical complications highlight the relevance of viral infection during pregnancy which leads to pregnancy complications and accelerate closer to prevent adverse outcomes”. In the Asian Population including India, The risk and association of preterm birth and papillomavirus infections are not well studied and the causality remains unclear.  Therefore, we wish to identify the risk factor for the occurrence of preterm labour and births in rural Mysore and also to identify measures to prevent future maternal morbidity and Infant mortality. The proposed study outcomes in terms of global health interests and addressed question will bring great impact on women’s health and preterm birth. We have decided to examine the role of Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI) specially HIV & high-risk HPV (HR-HPV) and their role preterm deliveries in rural South India. In addition Validation of various 13 HR-HPV Real-time PCR Kit, to check role of oxidative stress in presence and absence of HPV infection in pregnant women and its role in adverse birth outcome and to study microbial population (TORCH, RTI/STI) in pregnant women using 16SrRNA and association in preterm deliveries . If we will able to established risk association between HPV infections and preterm birth, then we can suggest HPV test and vaccinations to the adult’s prior marriages as thumb rule and recommended cost effective RT PCR based kit for diagnostics of HR-HPV.